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Modular System
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New paradigm of next generation construction -Yoochang Plus Modular System

Moduler system construction is an industrialized construction method whereby modul unit which is manufactured more than 80% at the factory is transported to and assembled at the site. It has an outstanding effect in terms of securing uniform quality and saving of production and construction cost by virtue of its being produced at factory.

In particular by carrying out site construction works and factory production concurrently it is possible to reduce construction period below 1/2 of that of existing construction method and after completion of the works additional construction of building, expanding or construction by transferring the building site etc. are easy.

It is a new construction method which attracts attention as environment-friendly construction system whereby at the time of dismantling buildings or construction by transferring the building site upto 70∼90% of construction materials can be recycled again.

Main characteristics

  • Construction system composed of modul unit of 3D Box Form.
  • Light weight shape steel is used as main structural members such as wall/floor etc.
  • After producing at factory as modular unit it is transported to site and used for construction
  • It is advantageous to building architecture with same plane being repeatedly applied such as
    hotel, apartment houses, school and offices etc.
  • With focus on advanced foreign countries such as Europe and Japan etc. vivacious site application and technical development are being realized.

Process for execution of works


  • The 2nd Annual Design Competition of the 2nd House of Housing Competition (Superior Prize)
  • Gongneung-dong Dormitory
  • Extension of University Dormitory
  • Seongnae-dong University Dormitory
  • Sungsan-dong Country College Dormitory


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