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"YOOCHANG becomes a company that satisfies the needs of customer by practicing customer-centric management."

YOOCHANG will grow to the topmost world enterprise through the growth of the world’s leading company, the creation of corporate value for humans, the technology leading the future.


YOOCHANG which has created new construction space and has contributed to advancement of the state and society with unchanging heart is making its efforts to create a space where people can enjoy healthy lives, during past 39 years, since 1974, furthermore, for better life of customers, for better living and for a space more advantaging humans, all staffs and employees of YOOCHANG will make their best efforts eagerness and sincerity and make YOOCHANG a company that satisfies needs of customers under customer-centered management philosophy.

YOOCHANG will fulfill its mission as a leading company in the industry in this era of infinite competition without border, positively cope with the era of globalization through company innovation and grow to a company equipped with the best competitiveness by securing cutting-edge high added value technology. YOOCHANG which starts the second leaping through the gro wth of the wor ld’s lead ing company , the crea tion of corpora te va lue for humans , the techno logy lead ing the future will establish right values based on company core values and will continuously grow to a prepared company that is creative and leads the changes and to the topmost enterprise.

This is a commitment YOOCHANG is making to customers as well as society and nature.

Thank you..

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