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Plank system is metallic ceiling system being composed by combination of grid channel and panel. It is possible to have diverse composition of modules and unrestricted disposition of lighting apparatus. Through perforations made to panels sound absorption is excellent. It is high class ceiling system which provides excellent sound absorption, pleasantness, design and facility.

General description of the product.

This is plank which is provided in diverse dimension. Any concern for layout was relieved and concurrently composition of effective modules was expedited. For internal environment of office building with centralized control perforated product is adopted for plank panel and it has top class finishing. This is system ceiling which provides optimal architectural environment such as acoustic, optimal amenity, design and facility. It is suitable to intelligent building, airport waiting rooms and big conference rooms.

Product of Plank Type

(1) Material

  • ① Quality of materials: KSD 3506 (melt galvanized steel plate)
    KSD 3520 (painted melt galvanized steel plate)
    KSD 3609 (Steel material support member for construction)
  • ② Color: White (inside black or white) is standard and other colors shall be adopted by consultation.
  • ③ Surface treatment: polyester resin coating (20 microne or more)

(2) Dimension

  • ① MAIN MODULE T-BAR : 70mm X 38mm X 0.8T
  • ② CROSS MODULE T-BAR : 70mm X 38mm X 0.8T
  • ③ HANGER BOLT : ψ9mm
  • ④ HANGER & PIN : 105mm X 20mm X 2.0T
  • ⑤ CARRYING CHANNEL : 38mm X 12mm X 1.2T
  • ⑥ C/C JOINT : 100mm X 35mm X 10mm X 1.0T
  • ⑦ C/T clip (For Line T-bar)
  • ⑧ MINOR CHANNEL : 19mm X 10mm X 1.2T
  • ⑨ M/C CLIP : 38mm X 23mm X 14mm X 1.2T
  • ⑩ HANGER NUT : ψ9mm
  • ⑪ Grid: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, length: 3600

Special feature of Plank Plate

  • * Depending on design for ceiling it can be made in any forms.
  • * Possible for diverse composition according to arrangment
  • * Suitable to the latest building architecture such as intelligent building.
  • * Possible for acoustic control.

Handling and storage of the product

  • ① To prevent any damage from water or moisture always keep it at dry and clean place.
  • ② Be careful not to damage corners
  • ③ Maintain certain space from the wall surface and place spread sheet and then lay down water-proof sheet then preserve it.
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