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SQ-bar non-ceiling hanger system
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SQ-bar non-ceiling hanger system is a system whereby efficiency of space and practical utility unattainable by existing ceiling can be secured concurrently. Its design facilitates installation, maintenance and repair within the ceiling without using hanger. By reducing distance between slab and ceiling to maximum unnecessary space was eliminated and maximum space can be secured. It is a system suitable to internal ceiling of multiple purpose building for residence and shopping malls.

SQ-BAR SYSTEM (Non ceiling hanger system)

SQ-Bar is closed type Bar by shaping galvanized steel plate in a rectangular form. Accordingly it has excellent section property and after use it has resistance against deformity due to long-term load and also has resistance /durability against earthquake. It minimizes interference with air conditioning system inside of ceiling and bolts and is light weight frame in consideration of flexibility of works in connection with prior and post-works process.

SQ-BAR SYSTEM (non-ceiling hanger system) Product

(1) Material

  • KSD 3506 (met galivanized steel plate)
    KSD 3609 (steel materials support)

(2) Dimension

  • ① SQ-BAR : 30x40x0.4T
  • ② SQ-RUNNER : 30x32x0.6T
  • ③ ceiling hanger (saw tooth type) 1.2T,L=order dimension used for reinforcement of A-type
  • ④ minor channel KS 25 type :10 x 25 x 1.2T used for reinforcement of B-type
  • ⑤ SQ-BAR JOINT “ㅡ” : 0.6T
  • ⑥ SQ-BAR JOINT “ㄱ” : 0.6T
  • ⑦ SQ/M-CLIP “ 0.6T
  • ⑧ HANGER NUT : ψ9 or ψ6
  • ⑨ HANGER : 20x50x2.0T
  • ⑩ hanger bolt: 6mm, or 9mm. L= order dimension

Special feature of SQ-bar system (non-ceiling hanger system)

  • * workability: Due to reduced types of members installation is easy.
  • * economy: easy works so cost for works is saved
  • * safety; sturdy and not distorted ceiling
  • * beautiful exterior: it is concealed type and bars can not been seen.
  • * non-inflammable: steel material structure using galvanized steel plate

(1) Set up centerline of building; Set up center line by checking other work process such as light line and location of diffuser etc. after carrying out precise survey of ceiling.

(2) Line level check of SQ-runner

  • ① By using water level or level marking India ink on the wall.
  • a. Confirming location by drawing (confirming height of ceiling)
  • b. Confirmation of spot by ink pot string between spots.
  • ② Caution: At the time of using water level check presence of air bubble in hose and breaking and then check level.

(3) Installing SQ-Runner

  • ① Fix SQ-runner within space of 600 mm by using fixing nail (or nut nail) along ink pot string of wall.
  • ② Be careful not to slacken height and gap between SQ-runner and SQ-runner.
  • ③ In connection with installed apparatus such as curtain box etc. when it is manufactured in a structures allowing insertion of SQ-bar it can be used instead of SQ-runner.

(4) Installation of SQ-bar

  • ① Insert SQ-bar to make it cross SQ-runner in right angle and the space shall be within 450 mm.(At this time when fixed with piece and finishing plate is installed then difference in level will appear so it is not done.)
  • ② When there is need for connection between SQ-bar connect it by means of SQ-bar joint.
  • ③ At the place where installation duct or other obstacle exist work shall be carried out after reinforcing according to drawing and specification.

(6) Reinforcement of SQ-bar

  • ① SQ-bar shall be reinforced by A-type or B-type at each length of 2,000 mm. When it is less than 2,000 mm work may be carried out without ceiling hanger.
  • * 'A'-type
  • - By anchor or fixing nail mark ceiling-hanger bracket on slab surface with space of 900∼1200 mm. Fix it with nut nail at side of SQ-bar cross-wise in right angle to ceiling hanger bracket.
  • * 'B'-type
  • - Mark fixation part of anchor on slab surface with space of 900∼1200 mm. Drill hole and fix it. Connect ceiling hanger bolt set to minor channel and fix SQ-bar with SQ/M-clip.
  • ② The place where obstacles such as facility duct, ceiling type airconditioner, light line etc. are present it shall be reinforced with SQ-bar or SQ-runner by means of SQ-bar joint "?".
  • ③ It shall comply with light-line installation specification and persons in charge of electricity and installation shall be consulted.

(10) Installation of finishing plate

  • ① Finishing plate is fixed with piece to SQ-bar and attach it.
  • ② Line of finishing plate shall be straight and there shall be no gap at joint part.
  • ③ Finishing plate shall comply with drawing.

(11) Installation of curtain box

  • ① Manufacture and install proper products suitable to purpose according to specification. (painting separately)
  • ② Because welding work is carried out concurrently install work bench so that work can be carried out safely and in comfortable stance.
  • ③ By fabricating curtain box separately it may be used instead of SQ-runner.

(1) Handling and storage of the product

  • ① Store it in a condition with relative humiditiy of 80% or less.
  • ② To prevent any damage from water or moisture always keep it at dry and clean place.
  • ③ Be careful not to damage corners
  • ④ Maintain certain space from the wall surface and place spread sheet and then lay down water-proof sheet then preserve it.

(2) Environmental condition at the time of carrying out the works

  • ① At the time of works temperature of 30℃ or less and relative humidity of 80% or less shall be maintained.
  • ② The works shall be commenced after completion of joiners' works.
  • ③ Before. during and after the works air-conditioners shall be operated so that proper level of indoors temperature and relative humidity are maintained.
  • ④ The works shall be commenced after completion of all the papering and painting walls and ceiling.

(3) Caution at the time of carrying out works

  • Pipe-layng and electric works shall be completed before installation of SQ-bar installation and then works shall be carried out.

(4) Conditions for carrying out works

  • ① The contractor for the works shall consult with the client with sufficient consideration of site conditions.
  • ② While carrying out works at the time of appearance of any problems works shall be continued after sufficient consultation with the client.
  • ③ As much as possible ceiling plan intended by the designer shall be observed.
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