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T&H Bar System is high class ceiling system which can pursue aesthetical effect and sound absorption function concurrently. It enables massive size of modul and unrestricted disposition of lightline as well as its maintenance and repair. Thus it is a system suitable mainly to high class offices. Big modules are sectioned by T-bar and by means of H-bar ceiling plate is connected accordingly only T-bar is observable thus spacious ceiling is presented.

General description of T&H Bar System

(1) Definition of the term

  • ① System: STEEL T&H BAR SYSTEM
  • ② Method of construction: LAY-IN (Mounting large size ceiling finishing panel upon ceiling frame after connectiong small ceiling plate by H-bar.)

(2) Transportation and handling

  • ① Transportation: Transport it after recording type, name dimension and manufacturing date on label and packing
  • ② Handling: Handle it according to instruction from the manufacturer and requirement of users.

Product of T & H BAR SYSTEM

(1) Material

  • ① Quality of material : KSD 3506 (melt galvanized steel plate)
    KSD 3520 (painted melt galvanized steel plate)
    KSD 3609 (Steel material support member for construction)
  • ② Color (inside black or white) is standard and other color shall be according to consultation.
  • ③ Surface treatment: polyester resin coating (more than 20 microne)

(2) Dimension

  • ① STEEL MAIN T-BAR : 25mm X 38mm X 0.4T
  • ② STEEL CROSS H-BAR : 20mm X 20mm X 0.45T
  • ③ HANGER BOLT : ψ9mm
  • ④ HANGER & PIN : 105mm X 20mm X 2.0T
  • ⑤ CARRYING CHANNEL : 38mm X 12mm X 1.2T
  • ⑥ C/C JOINT : 100mm X 35mm X 10mm X 1.0T
  • ⑦ C/T CLIP for Steel T-bar)
  • ⑧ MINOR CHANNEL : 19mm X 10mm X 1.2T
  • ⑨ M/C CLIP : 38mm X 23mm X 14mm X 1.2T
  • ⑩ HANGER NUT : ψ9mm
  • ⑪ MOLDING (for Steel T-bar)
  • ⑫ANGLE MOLDING : 22mm X 32mm X 0.5T
  • ⑬DOUBLE MOLDING : 15mm X 10mm X 15mm X 24mm X 0.5T? C/T clip (for Steel T-bar)

Special feature of T& H BAR SYSTEM

  • * Working is fast and simple.
  • * Can be installed anywhere by using checking hole of ceiling plate as access bar.
  • * Width of bar is modern thus creates mood of solemnity.
  • * Creates broad space through creating massive size modules.

(1) Setting up centerline of building: After accurate measurement of ceiling surface set up centerline after checking other work schedule such as lightline and position of diffuser etc.

    (2) Strong anchor work

    • ① At the time of strong anchor work when centerline is set up mark part for fixing strong anchor (Ф9mm) at slab surface and punch hole with drill and fix it.
    • ② At the time of work for cash iron insert (Ф9 mm) install it at form according to drawing.
    • ③ Caution: Pay attention to intervals between anchor and insert and right angle.
    • ④ It is ideal to make interval for installation as @900∼ 1,200 mm for strong anchor or insert in consideration of direction of installation of carrying channel.

    (3) Molding line level check

    • ① Use of water level or level
    • a. Confirming position by means of drawing (confirming height of ceiling)
    • b. Confirming the position by water level and ink pot string marking between positions.
    • ② Caution: At the time of using water check make sure to check level after checking any presence of air bubble in hose and breaking of hose.

    (4) Attachment of wall molding (using after painting angle or sea gull molding)

    • ① Attach molding along the India ink line and fix wall molding by using 1" concrete nail.(interval: 500∼1,000 mm)
    • ② Be careful not to slacken the height and interval between moldings.
    • ③ In connection with facilities such as curtain box it shall be attached according to specification.

    (5) Installation of hanger bolt

    • ① Upper part of hanger bolt is fixed to strong anchor or insert and lower part of bolt is fixed hanger and nut in consideration of ceiling height.
    • ② At the place where installation duct or other obstacles are work shall be carried out after reinforcement according to drawing and specification.

    (6) Installation of lightline

    • Install lightline according to specification but it is required to have consultation with persons in charge of electricity and facility.

    (7) Installation of carrying channel

    • After tying hanger set and carrying channel and fix them. Install it at an interval of @900∼1,200 mm. Connect the connecting part of carrying channel by means of carrying joint.
    • And make sure to install carrying channel not to be off from box face by more than 30 cm.

    (8) Installation of MINOR Channel

    • When area of work is broad reinforce and fix above the installed carrying channel with reinforcing channel (minor channel) and install it at an interval of 2,000 ∼3,000 mm.

    (9) Installation of MAIN ST.'LT-BAR

    • ① After placing string at centerline of the work then install sturdily the MAIN ST' LT-BAR by using C/T CLIP by matching it to lightline and in a right angle direction toward carrying channel.
    • ② Intervals of MAIN ST 'LT-BAR shall comply with specification and drawing.
    • ③ MAIN ST 'LT-BAR shall be mounted on wall molding or curtain box wing and fixed.

    (10) Installation of finishing plate (sound absorption tex)

    • ① Level of installed ceiling frame is set accurately by nut of hanger bolt by means of water level or level device.
    • ② After mounting finishing plate on T-Bar insert H-bar to kerfed of ceiling plate and connect it to kerfed of another ceiling plate and insert it to T-bar at both sides. By repeating insertion of H-bar into kerfed of ceiling plate like this work is finished.
    • ③ Prohibit using finishing plate which has scratch, broken corners or dirtied.

    (11) Installation of curtain box

    • ① Manufacturing and installing products suitable to use according to specification (separate painting)
    • ② Welding work is carried out concurrently therefore install work bench to enable safety in work and working in comfortable stance.

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